DNA-level editing of microbial communities for understanding and control.
  • Microbial communities are major contributors to the uptake and release of greenhouse gasses and are critical regulators of human health; however, efforts to precisely engineer their constituents' DNA are nascent. Our laboratory at the University of California, Berkeley brings DNA-editing tools to microbiomes.

  • In the short term, this approach should provide understanding of the interactions and unstudied organisms within communities.

  • Over the longer term, community editing offers a precise means for controlling microbiomes that are instrumental to our health, agriculture, climate, and industry.



October 4, 2022

Check out the latest article from the IGI: "New Gift Supports Precision Microbiome Editing Technology Development at the IGI."


The Lab

September 26, 2022

The Rubin Lab takes its first lab photo!


The Lab

August 23, 2022

Abby joins the Rubin Lab as an undergraduate graphic designer!


The Lab

August 2, 2022

The lab sets up its first space at the Innovative Genomics Institute! Check out more photos at News.