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Infant microbiome cultivation and metagenomic analysis reveal Bifidobacterium 2’-fucosyllactose utilization can be facilitated by coexisting species

Lou YC, Rubin BE, Schoelmerich MC, DiMarco KS, Borges AL, Rovinsky R, Song L, Banfield JF & Doudna JA; Nature Communications 14, 7417 (2023)


Species- and site-specific genome editing in complex bacterial communities

Rubin BE, Diamond S, Brady FC, Crits-Christoph A, Lou YC, Borges AL, Shivram H, He C, Xu M, Zhou Z, Smith SJ, Rovinsky R, Smock DCJ, Tang K, Owens TK, Krishnappa N, Sachdeva R, Barrangou R, Deutschbauer AM, Banfield JF & Doudna JA; Nature Microbiology 7, 34–47 (2022)


Blueprint for a pop-up SARS-CoV-2 testing lab

IGI Testing Consortium; Nature Biotechnology 38, 791–797 (2020)

The circadian clock and darkness control natural competence in cyanobacteria

Taton A, Erikson C, Yang Y, Rubin BE, Rifkin SA, Golden JW & Golden SS. Nature Communications 11, 1688 (2020)


A Hard Day’s Night: Cyanobacteria in Diel Cycles

Welkie DG, Rubin BE, Diamond S, Hood RD, Savage DF, Golden SS; Trends in Microbiology 27, 231–242 (2019)


Mutant phenotypes for thousands of bacterial genes of unknown function

Price MN, Wetmore KM, Waters RJ, Callaghan M, Ray J, Liu H, Kuehl JV, Melnyk RA, Lamson JS, Suh Y, Carlson HK, Esquivel Z, Sadeeshkumar H, Chakraborty R, Zane GM, Rubin BE, Wall JD, Visel A, Bristow J, Blow MJ, Arkin AP & Deutschbauer AM; Nature 557, 503–509 (2018)

Genome-wide fitness assessment during diurnal growth reveals an expanded role of the cyanobacterial circadian clock protein KaiA

Welkie DG, Rubin BE, Chang YG, Diamond S, Rifkin SA, Li Wang A & Golden SS; Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115, E7174–E7183 (2018)

High-throughput interaction screens illuminate the role of c-di-AMP in cyanobacterial nighttime survival

Rubin BE, Huynh TN, Welkie DG, Diamond S, Simkovsky R, Pierce EC, Taton A, Lowe LC, Lee JJ, Rifkin SA, Woodward JJ & Golden SS; PLOS Genetics 14, e1007301 (2018)

Redox crisis underlies conditional light–dark lethality in cyanobacterial mutants that lack the circadian regulator, RpaA

Diamond S, Rubin BE, Shultzaberger RK, Chen Y, Barber CD & Golden SS; Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114, E580–E589 (2017)

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